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February 6th, 2004
March 20th, 2007
Mesa Police Department


Here you will find an assortment of photos for K-9 Leon and a video of him on vacation in Showlow, Arizona. Many people don't often get to see the off duty side of a Police Working Dog's daily life. Although his life was cut short, K-9 Leon lived a good life. He had a playful spirit and enjoyed living with Officer Lafontaine's family, becoming as much a part of them as he was a loyal and courageous member of the Mesa Police Department. He is greatly missed by Officer Lafontaine, his family, The Mesa Police Department and by all who knew him.


K-9 Leon on Vacation in Showlow, Arizona, in December of 2006



Home Improvement With K-9 Leon

Officer Lafontaine was building an Arizona room in his house. K-9 Leon wanted to help. While Officer Lafontaine was applying a skim coat of spackling mud to the newly installed sheetrock, K-9 Leon decided he would give the walls a nice "Brushed Look" using his fur coat. Here K-9 Leon proudly shows his handler how he skimmed off the excess spackling compound from the walls.


K-9 Leon not so happily getting a bath to remove the spackling compound from his coat.




K-9 Leon and Officer Lafontaine competing at the 4th Annual Desert Dog Police K-9 Trials in April of 2006.


 Officer Lafontaine & K-9 Leon ready to patrol the streets of Mesa.


Watch the video of K-9 Leon on vacation in Showlow, Arizona, as he attempts to get someone to throw a ball in the frigid lake so he can jump in and fetch it. One of K-9 Leon's favorite things to do off duty was to go swimming in Officer Lafontaine's backyard pool.




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If you wish to make a donation to the Arizona Police K-9 Memorial in Memory of K-9 Leon, please send checks to the address listed below. Funds will be used to add K-9 Leon's name to the K-9 Memorial at Wesley Bolin Plaza, in addition to the upkeep of the K-9 Memorial and this web site.

Arizona Police K-9 Memorial
3370 N. Hayden Road
No. 123-411
Scottsdale, AZ 85251