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May 28th, 2006
Tucson Police Department

Officer Gary Schad has been a member of the Tucson Police Department for 19 years. He formerly was a member of the SWAT team, the Bike unit and Undercover. He has been a K-9 Handler for 10 years and is the current unit trainer. His partner's name was Miko. K-9 Miko was a 3 year old German Shepherd who specialized in patrol and narcotic detection. K-9 Miko liked to spend his off time chasing around Officer Schad's horses.

On May 28th, 2006, Officer Schad and K-9 Miko were hot on the trail of a suspected carjacker. K-9 Miko was deployed to catch the suspect who had bailed on foot. K-9 Miko pursued the suspected carjacker, who then jumped from an overpass at Kino and Aviation Parkways with K-9 Miko following. While the suspect was able to get away, K-9 Miko took a 30-foot-fall, breaking his back, shattering a leg and suffering neurological damage. He was euthanized as a result of his injuries. K-9 Miko has been cremated and his handler, Officer Gary Schad, said he, his wife and their 11-year-old son will decide in about a year where to spread his ashes.

A memorial service honoring Tucson's fallen hero, K-9 Miko, was held on May 14th, 2006, at Reid Park in Tucson. Present at the services were the Commanders from the Tucson Police Department, numerous K-9 Officers and representatives from Valley Animal Hospital and other animal organizations, who spoke at the ceremony. A tree planting ceremony also took place to honor K-9 Miko.




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