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Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza
Permanent Home of
The Arizona Police K-9 Memorial

Overview shot of the masts and anchor from the U.S.S. Arizona

Named after a former Arizona governor, Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza stands adjacent to the State Capitol Museum in downtown Phoenix.

The park spreads across two square blocks and is home to several monuments erected to honor those who have contributed to the Grand Canyon State.

Among these is the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial. Ten granite columns bear the names of Arizona residents who lost their lives in the war. Other wars honored include World Wars I and II, the Korean War and Desert Storm.

Statues honoring other heroes are found throughout the park. Franklin D. Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps are mentioned for their work in parks and forests throughout the state, as are the pioneer women of frontier Arizona.


Among the many statues and memorials within the park, is the Arizona Peace Officers Memorial. It honors our states Police Officers who have fallen in the line of duty.

When choosing the location for the Arizona Police K-9 Memorial, it seemed only fitting that the location selected was close to the Peace Officers Memorial. Now all the fallen Officers from Arizona will be honored.

The picture below is the location where the K-9 Memorial has been erected. You can see in the background just how close the K-9 Memorial is to the Vietnam War Memorial on one side, with the Peace Officers Memorial on the other.

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Arizona Peace Officers Memorial


Permanent home of The Arizona Police K-9 Memorial.

You can see how close the Peace Officers Memorial is.