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Dedication Photos of The Arizona Police K-9 Memorial

State Senator Jim Waring speaking during the dedication.

Gordon Leitz & Owen Keefe, standing tall at the Memorial.

The Arizona Police K-9 Memorial awaits its unveiling.

Thanks to all of you the dream has been realized.  

Please click here to take a photo album tour of the K-9 Memorial Dedication Ceremonies.

Construction of the Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Memorial

Construction of the K-9 Memorial was completed earlier this year. Here are some pictures of the base of the memorial as it was being carved. The bronze statue was mounted on the granite pedestal and installed in addition to granite benches and the kiosk. The Memorial was covered until the unveiling earlier this year, on the morning of April 7th, 2006.


The artist selected to do the memorial was sculptor, Jeff Carol Davenport. Below is her initial rending of what the Memorial was projected to look like. This is a small model sculpture done by the artist. After seeing the site on where the memorial is now placed, it was decided to have the dog looking straight ahead instead of to the side. Also the gun belt was moved to the front of the sculpture. Jeff then made a second sculpture and a drawing with the new design.

The architectural firm "Architectural Resource Team" was contracted to assist with the construction of the memorial. CEO Patrick Rehse also worked on the project. Architectural Resource Team also owns a construction business. They were able to handle the design, planning and building of the Memorial. Patrick Rehse also was able to get some of the materials needed donated. Once ALECA was advised of the final cost figure, the go ahead was given for construction.

Gordon Leitz and Owen Keefe kept busy with getting the Memorial done. Much planning was done and they met with the grounds crew on August 1st, 2005, to go over the plans and layout of the project. They had an additional meeting later on that month to present the plans for final approval to the mall commission.

Owen and Gordy visited the sculptor, Jeff Carol Davenport, to take a look at the full size model that was made of clay. Jeff did an excellent job on sculpting the dog. It took Jeff about 4 months to make the mold and cast the bronze statue. Below are pictures of the full size clay sculpture. Click on the thumbnails to see the amazing detail in the sculpture.

Base of sculpture
you can see the
gun belt on the
upper left corner.

Full body

Right Profile

Left Profile



Updated September 15th, 2006