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July 22nd, 2004
Avondale Police Department

On July 22nd, 2004 the Avondale Police Department Canine Unit was doing an in-service. While doing a scenario, K-9 Rex received a laceration to the top of his nose.

Upon arrival at the Emergency Animal Clinic, Rex was checked out and the vet determined that the wound would need sutures. Blood samples were taken from Rex for testing. All blood tests came back good. Rex was administered anesthesia so that the wound could be sutured.

During the surgery Rex stopped breathing. The animal clinic staff immediately started CPR and worked on Rex for a long time. Unfortunately resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful.

Rex was with the Avondale Police Department and handler Officer Kris Guffey for five years and will be missed deeply.

K-9 Rex was an eight year old Belgian Malinois. Officer Guffey had been serving on the Avondale Police Department for fifteen years and has been a K-9 handler for eight years at the time of Rex's passing. Rex and Officer Guffey were a team for five years. They were assigned to the Patrol Division and S.W.A.T. Division. Rex was trained in narcotics detection, area searches, building searches, criminal apprehension and handler protection. Officer Guffey is the K-9 Instructor/Trainer for the department's K-9 Unit. Rex will be greatly missed by his partner, his family, and the Avondale Police Department. Officer Guffey continues his career with the Department.