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February 17th, 2007
Yuma Country Sheriff's Office

K-9 Robby, a light brown male Belgian Malinois, originally from the Netherlands and 3 years old at the time, attended the Arizona Department Of Corrections (AZDOC) Canine academy in Tucson, AZ., where he and his first assigned handler, Detention Officer Rogelio Felix, successfully completed the two-hundred and eighty (280) hour course in narcotic detection and handler protection training on November 7th, 2001.

K-9 Robby had recently completed his annual re-certification trials with the National Police Canine Association, for narcotics detection and handler protection. He continued to perform his duties with the Yuma County Sheriff's Office with diligence. Such duties included narcotic searches of vehicles, buildings, property and people. K-9 Robby was a duel working dog, which meant that he was also trained to perform duties such as cell extractions, riot control, and even protect his handler from harm.

In 2004, K-9 Robby was reassigned to a new handler, Detention Officer James Rochester. Officer Rochester and K-9 Robby, graduated from the Arizona Department Of Corrections (AZDOC) Canine academy course in narcotic detection and handler protection training.

K-9 Robby has conducted random searches in the Detention Center prisoner housing units, Yuma County Courthouse and perimeter, In-coming property, high risk cell extractions, and over four hundred (400) hours of in-service training since 2001.

On February 17th, 2007, K-9 Robby attended his last detail which was the 2007 Hank Days parade. K-9 Robby and Officer Rochester represented the department as they have in past years by attending the parade procession. At approximately 18:44 hours, K-9 Robby suddenly passed away at Officer Rochester's residence where he was boarded.





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