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November 2005
Mohave County Sheriff's Office

Raja Karim has been employed with the Mohave County Sheriff's Office since 2002. Deputy Karim and K-9 partner "Rocky" were assigned to the Kingman-Golden Valley area. Deputy Karim and "Rocky" had worked together since 2004, after receiving training from Zauberger K-9 Academy in Arizona. Deputy Karim is also a Field Training Officer.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Rocky (Big Rock). Rocky died during surgery for a broken leg. There was a freak accident during a training session when after a building search in a two story building Deputy Karim and Rocky were leaving the building. They were walking down the stairs when Rocky suddenly started to howl and hold up his right leg. There were no signs of injury during the scenario and Rocky had a great bite. Deputy Karim attended to Rocky and took him to the vet. It was determined that he had a broken leg and surgery was needed. Rocky passed away during the surgery. Rocky will be greatly missed by his family, the Mohave County Sheriff's Office, and all that knew and loved him.