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July 13th, 1984
Phoenix Police Department

On Friday July 13th, 1984, Officer Jeff Fenton stopped a drunk driver. Officer Fenton attempted to take the driver into custody when a struggle began. Roscoe jumped out of the patrol car to assist Officer Fenton. Officer Fenton took control of the suspect with Roscoe's assistance and ordered him back to the patrol car when Roscoe was struck by passing car. Roscoe was obtained by Officer Jeff Fenton when he was eight months old prior to being assigned to the K-9 Unit. When Officer Fenton was assigned to the K-9 Unit, he advised the Master Trainer he had a German Shepherd that might be suitable for work in the unit. Roscoe was tested and accepted into the unit. Roscoe performed in the unit as a patrol and explosives detection canine. Officer Fenton continued in the unit and returned as a sergeant prior to retiring.


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